Our Motto


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From the beginning, Utah Ukulele Festival has utilized the motto “Aloha Spirit: unity, humility, and harmony.  Sharing aloha through music and culture.”

The idea for the Utah Ukulele Festival® (UUF) started in December 2012 as a collaboration between Jeffrey Olsen and David Manoa.  Jeff had attended BYU Hawaii and fell in love with the Hawaiian culture and the ukulele.  David enjoyed playing electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the ukulele.  His father was born and raised on Maui and would play the ukulele often while listening to his old Hawaiian records.  Music was a very strong influence in both Jeff and David’s lives early on.  Both being involved in community organizations, establishing one with this unique spin seemed both natural and a positive way of promoting the beautiful culture, music, and spirit of the islands with Cache Valley.  Once they began development of the festival they decided to recruite the organizational skills of David’s wife, Denelle, and the festival was off and running.  Since then, many friends, family members, and volunteers have given their time and talents to help the UUF organization promote aloha spirit.  It is through working together that much can be done.

Since its inception, the Utah Ukulele Festival coordinators have made it a personal goal to share aloha by providing a free event to the public, as well as bring in great talent, provide fun educational classes, and offering opportunities to connect with other ukulele enthusiasts throughout local and surrounding communities.   David, Jeff, and Denelle constantly strive to share the Spirit of Aloha as well as a bit of the Hawaiian culture with the public to strengthen the bonds of community and provide cultural awareness.  The Utah Ukulele Festival is proud to share its love of the ukulele and Hawaiian culture with all.  Come enjoy some aloha by attending our next event.  See you soon!

Mahalo nui loa,

David, Jeff, and Denelle

If you would like to help spread some aloha by sponsoring the Utah Ukulele Festival, please contact us at info@utahukefest.com