Utah Ukulele Festival 2014 Rain or Shine!

Aloha All!!!

Let us just start by saying that despite all the rain we had, the 2014 Utah Ukulele Festival was a HUGE success!!! We have to send out a HUGE mahalo to our sponsors Ohana Ukuleles, KSM Music, Bridger Folk Music Society, Camp Chef, Luna Guitars, and Big Kahuna Development Studio for supporting our event and helping us to make this year’s event happen. Mahalo to each one of you!!! We could not have made this event happen without you!!!

We would also like to send out a HUGE mahalo to each one of our performers J. E. D., Meikjn Feilding, Emily Susan Pack, Max Willard, UFO Hum Trio, Steven Butler, Selja Sini, and our headliner, Dan “Cool Hand Uke” Scanlan, who came out, braved the rainy weather, and performed amazing sets that thrilled those in attendance. We are so grateful that each of you took the time to come out, despite the cold and rainy weather, to share you amazing talent with us all. We truly appreciate it and YOU!!!

We would also like to send out a HUGE mahalo to each of our instructors, Meikjn Fielding, Max Willard, Barry Henline (who also brought us hot chocolate to share with everyone…MAHALO!!!), and Dan Scanlan, who took the time to come out to share their amazing skills and love of the ukulele with others. We had so many great comments from attendees who really enjoyed getting to participate in the different workshops and lessons provided.

And last BUT NOT LEAST…we truly want to thank each and every person (I wish we knew all of your names, because I really would like to thank you all ) who came out and supported our event by stopping by, taking part in the free lessons/workshops, watched our amazingly talented performers, participated in the Open Mic Competition, and took the time to stop by and say “Aloha” to us at the UUF “Welcome’ booth. Without your support this event would not be possible, and we are truly thankful to have your support that enables us to share our love for the culture of Hawaii and the ukulele along with our love for our community in beautiful Cache Valley. You have blessed us beyond measure, and we are so truly thankful to have your acceptance and support in helping to make the Utah Ukulele Festival possible and a great success. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! We are truly looking forward to next year’s event, and we hope that we will see you all out there again!!!

Check out the pictures on the photos and media page!

Mahalo nui loa,

Utah Ukulele Festival Coordinators; David, Jeff & Denelle

See you out next year!!!