Ukulele Lesson Registration Winter/Spring 2015

Utah Ukulele Festival


Ukulele Lesson Registration Spring 2015

Aloha Cache Valley Families,

The Utah Ukulele Festival is proud to bring the fun and easy-to-learn music of the ukulele for ages 6+.  They will enjoy learning fun songs while being taught basic skills that will allow them to become a more efficient player with each session.  Being so small, the ukulele is a great first instrument and can provide students with the skills needed to progress to larger instruments, such as the guitar.

Come out and enjoy some Aloha Spirit!

Click on a session to sign up

Sessions are $30 each and run for four weeks.

Session #1 Registration Closed

Session #2 Registration Closed

Session #3 Registration Closed  NO PRACTICE DURING SPRING BREAK (APRIL 1)

Session #4  (April 15 – May 6, 2015)


Hillcrest Elementary School

Day and Time:

Wednesdays at 5pm- 5:45pm

*Ukuleles will be provided for use at the lessons only.  Supplies are limited.  Contact for more details.*

All proceeds go directly to help fund the Utah Ukulele Festival and its yearly events.

For more information email or call 435-512-1396.


Comments (4)

  1. cinda johnson

    How much is the registration for attendees? Where is nearby RV trailer camping? Who are the instructors for the 2015 festival? We are ukulele festival “junkies” and I’ve also been an instructor at the Bend Uke U. We’re very excited about possibly coming to your festival. Thank you.

    Cinda Johnson

    1. dave (Post author)

      Aloha Cinda,

      Our event is 100% free since we run off of donations and sponsorships. We are proud that we are able to offer it as a free event. There is RV Camping about 2 miles from the event site. Here is the link The instructors are from the local area as well as some of those that come up from Salt Lake City area. If you are interested in being an instructor please let us know. All of our instructors do so on a volunteer basis. The location offers large grass areas that people at past events have gathered and created their own little learning and jam circles. The event is really friendly and has the spirit of aloha and ohana. If you have any questions please let us know. You can use the address on this response.

  2. Tamera Jensen

    Do you know what your attendance count was last year? If we decided to do a booth it would be good to know that.


  3. Pat Ault

    We have a small Uke Circle in St.George and we were thinking about coming up to strum with you. Is it for all ages? We are over 60??? Thanks, PA


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