Ukulele Lesson Registration Winter/Spring 2015

Utah Ukulele Festival


Ukulele Lesson Registration Spring 2015

Aloha Cache Valley Families,

The Utah Ukulele Festival is proud to bring the fun and easy-to-learn music of the ukulele for ages 6+.  They will enjoy learning fun songs while being taught basic skills that will allow them to become a more efficient player with each session.  Being so small, the ukulele is a great first instrument and can provide students with the skills needed to progress to larger instruments, such as the guitar.

Come out and enjoy some Aloha Spirit!

Click on a session to sign up

Sessions are $30 each and run for four weeks.

Session #1 Registration Closed

Session #2  (Feb. 11 – March 4, 2015)

Session #3  (March 11 – April 8, 2015)  NO PRACTICE DURING SPRING BREAK (APRIL 1)

Session #4  (April 15 – May 6, 2015)


Hillcrest Elementary School

Day and Time:

Wednesdays at 5pm- 5:45pm

*Ukuleles will be provided for use at the lessons only.  Supplies are limited.  Contact for more details.*

All proceeds go directly to help fund the Utah Ukulele Festival and its yearly events.

For more information email or call 435-512-1396.


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